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Dosing Pump Injection Valves

Dosing Pump Injection Valves

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Universal replacement parts for chlorine pump and dosing systems. Come in 1/2 & 3/8 in.

Compatible with Pulsatron wet end codes: VTC1, VTCD, VTCH, VTCJ, WTC1, WTCD Compatible with Chem-Tech wet end code: GFAC

Fits 1/2"  or 3/8" OD tubing connection - includes a coupling nut Features a NPT male connection for injection Constructed from PVC material with Teflon seals and a ceramic ball Weighs 0.50 lbs. 

This check valve serves as a replacement for a worn, impaired, or dysfunctional valve unit in your pump. To set it up, slide the discharge tubing onto the injection valve and securely fasten the line by hand-tightening the coupling nut. Avoid using pliers or adhesive agents for tightening.

Comparable to Pulsafeeder J41996

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